Limiting your beliefs

Did you know that limiting beliefs can keep us poor, stuck, make us sick and fill us with fear? That’s why we are leaving our limiting beliefs in 2020!

All too often our beliefs around money, success, love and health can hold us back. Take a minute to think about what thoughts, beliefs and emotions you attach to money – or more specifically, making money. 

What have you discovered?

We attach meaning to every experience in our life. Whatever circumstances are appearing in our life are being generated by your belief system in your unconscious mind. You cannot move forward in life and step into your true potential if these beliefs are holding you back. 

Most of our limiting beliefs around money come from childhood. Beliefs are just stories we’ve heard that we take on as true. We think it over and over again until we believe it is true. 

Whether it is something we have seen on the TV or something we have been told, all of our limiting beliefs have come from an external source. The moment we believe what we have heard, voila, it goes into our unconscious where it will impact our lives. Then, we start to look for evidence to support this belief. 

For example, if a person believes that they struggle to lose weight and keep it off, then that belief will stop them keeping the weight off, no matter what they do.

We think more thoughts to ourselves:

–       “it must be my metabolism that makes it so difficult to keep the weight off”

–       “I’ve tried heaps of diets but none of them work”

–       “I lose the weight and in no time I put it back on”

–       “big bones runs in our family”

–       “all of my family are overweight, it’s a family thing”

And the cycle continues!

So, what are your results saying about your beliefs? 

The crux is, what you think – you become. 

You keep yourself small due to fear and the more proof you see, the stronger you believe it is true. What you choose to focus on, will grow – whether that be love, worry, anxiety, money or guilt.

Whatever results you are getting, whether that’s good or bad, rich or poor, positive or negative, always remember that your outer world is simply a reflection of your inner world. If things aren’t going well on the outside for you, it’s because of what you’re thinking on the inside/what’s going on in your inner life.

Think about this – if people are not committing to you, not making decisions, not consistent, then what are you not committing to, not making decisions about, not being consistent on?

If you want to reach your goals, then you cannot spend the next month, six months, or year thinking that you can’t reach it. You have to commit to yourself and your goals, 100%. You have to be aligned to your goal and make sure your actions are aligned with your vision. 

The good news is, these beliefs can change! At the end of the day, they are only stories. You can get rid of them once you start to become aware of them, and then you can start to dismantle them. 

If you are interested and determined about going deep and removing the negative emotions and limiting beliefs, then you can contact me directly about 1:1 sessions. These include Timeline Therapy to remove beliefs and negative emotions at a deeper level. 

Ok, so here’s a task for you to do.

It can be a bit tricky to know what your beliefs are (because you think it’s true rather than just a belief)

So when you go to bed at night, give your unconscious mind a task to do –

Your unconscious mind loves direction and specific tasks, so instruct it with

“Show me my beliefs clearly one by one, so I become aware of each and every one of them”

And then the next day go through –

1. What do you believe about your ability to achieve your dream, vision, goal?

2. Will the beliefs you have assist you to get what you want?

3. Now really look at those beliefs and ask yourself – are my beliefs actually true? If you need help with this, then try and look for counter evidence

4. Go through and cross them out one by one or how about popping them in the fire and burning them!

5. Rewrite them with a new belief – what would you like to believe instead?  

If you’d like to work with me in 2021 to get rid of these limitations, get in touch!!

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