From Stuck to Unstoppable

A truly amazing 4-day course to unlock your next level success (BUT... you do it in your own time)!

Here's what you'll get

  • All of the ‘mini-mastermind’ training recordings – approximately 4 hours worth of training
  • All the workbooks – 4 comprehensive workbooks building your blueprint for success
  • The affirmations – to reinforce the positive success mantra’s

+++ PLUS +++

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS – “Creating Those Positive Habits and Attracting your 5* Client ” —

I’ll be taking you through the DAILY habits to continue the momentum from the training as well as the EXACT ritual that allowed me to attract my perfect 5* clients and generate my 5 figure months…

Lifetime access!

Access the ‘From Stuck To Unstoppable’ Training Videos from October 2022


(Normal Price £495)

The full course details...

Feeling stuck? Want to finally get off the hamster wheel and generate the success and wealth you want...

You're in luck - From Stuck to Unstoppable is a 4-Day Training (worth £495) for female entrepreneurs that will give you the exact blueprint to give you the KICKSTART you need to springboard you to that next level and propel your life and business forward!

You know there’s so much more out there that you’re meant for, but you lack the clarity and focus and don’t know specifically WHAT you want and HOW to get it.

You’re totally READY to claim that next level version of you!

✔️ READY to redesign your life on your terms

✔️ READY to become a money maker

✔️ READY to create the success you desire!

But to get there, you know there’s some inner work to do!

Inside From Stuck to Unstoppable I clear the path for you to reach your first milestone – whether that’s 2K to 7K – it’s not about the figure it’s about YOU.

Your belief, Your confidence – all the things that you’ve been missing and holding you back.

So you can finally remove that mask.

It’s protected you for so long. 

But it also made you hide, hold back and keep yourself small.

With this 4 day training I’ll give you the springboard to your next level.

And when we remove those blocks, nothing will STOP YOU…

This is the kick up the butt you need, to get out of your own way – and get the results you want!

Are you ready to unlock the key to your next version of you and create the life you truly desire?

In this course, I support you to:

  • Go from stuck or feeling stressed and frustrated to confident and clear, up-levelling your mindset to become UNSTOPPABLE
  • Create CLARITY & FOCUS – to get you super clear on what you want, your vision and the kind of lifestyle you truly desire AND you’ll walk away with a CLEAR plan to get you there
  • We’ll dive deep into what’s really holding you back and learn to move past fear and self-doubt, release the BS stories and blocks to BLAST THROUGH THOSE LIMITS so you can finally get the results you want in your life and business.

From Stuck to Unstoppable is a 4-Day course that will give you the exact blueprint you need to skyrocket your success and supercharge you for 2023!

Imagine how it would feel to…

  • Clear fear and overwhelm so that you have an ABUNDANCE OF CONFIDENCE AND SELF BELIEF?
  • MAGNETISE YOUR MONEY MINDSET! Flushing out those financial blocks to re-write your money story so you can unleash that earning potential and start creating those 5 Figure months?
  • Finally feel worthy of going for your DREAMS and stepping powerfully into the woman you want to become.

Become the abundant creator of your own life – transform your mindset and create success and wealth beyond your wildest dreams…

This course is for you if:

  • You are an ambitious woman in business / early entrepreneur and haven’t hit 6 figures YET!
  • You’re likely to be a Coach, Therapist, Healer, VA or service/product based business owner (or aspiring to be) and you know something is holding you back from going to that next level but don’t know what it is or how to move past it.
  • You feel like money is hard to make, and you’ll never be ‘rich’ – You’re sick of trading time for money, being stuck at that same level of income, or flipping from feast to famine and unable to break through to the next stage.
  • You feel either stressed, blocked, confused or overwhelmed and constantly compare yourself to others and you’re DONE feeling that way.
  • You lack confidence and self-belief in yourself.
  • You’re craving community and you’re ready to be around fabulous, like-minded ladies who want the same things you do.
  • You are ready and willing to take action NOW and ready to bring your BEST energy to the course!

This is one of my most popular courses – expect phenomenal results in just 4 – Days!

I loved it; I felt motivated and empowered virtually from day one and it awakened me to realising that my life is in my hands, even my boss commented on my motivation! Suzanne is hugely supportive and knowledgeable and given me back a confidence I had definitely lost. THANK YOU Suzanne xxx

Sam Austin

Suzanne really went above and beyond in this challenge. It was informative, interactive and truly transformational. Suzanne really is a wonderful coach! Thank you. I loved every minute and created some massive shifts in my life.

Kellie Vvind

PS Unless you aren’t interested in creating the life of your dreams, click below and let’s get started!


Email suzanne@suzannejamesglobal.com.  I will personally answer any of your questions.

The 4 day training video’s last about an hour – but obviously you can dip in and out at your own pace! Whilst it’s always so much better if you focus for the hour, all the sessions will be recorded for you to catch up on.

There will also be a small task to get you started as well as a fabulous, comprehensive workbook each day to build your blueprint for success! The more you put into the training, the more you’ll get out of it.

All trainings are recorded and available for you to watch at your own convenient time.

Absolutely it will work for you – this programme is about you being the best version of you and accelerating your success in your life too. Furthermore, if you are considering starting a business in the future this is the perfect foundation.

When it comes to making changes and taking ourselves or our businesses to the next level we rarely get a magic pot of ‘the right time’. It is my experience that the only time we can make changes and create results is to go for it now – when you take action now, you become resourceful and find the time 🥰

You can expect massive inner transformation. I can also tell you that this programme really WORKS! However, your results are based on your action so nothing can be guaranteed. What I can guarantee is, I will give you all the resources and support you need to create your most powerful mindset but it’s down to you to implement it. But why wouldn’t you?

I accept a small number of women into my 1-1 coaching programmes on a strictly limited basis and by application only. Book in a chat with me and we can see if this would be a good fit. Book a call here.

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