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Mindset Accelerator

12-week Group Coaching and Mentorship Programme to rapidly FAST TRACK your success, raise your game, make more money and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

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Are you ready to join the Mega Success Mindset Accelerator? 

To join the fabulous women who are removing their blocks to success and abundance to live their life on their terms AND getting PHENOMENAL RESULTS, confidence and self-belief at the same time

Perhaps you’re struggling to get off the starting blocks, go to the next level and wondering what’s holding you back from being your most successful self, making more money and stepping into your true potential, living your ideal life?

You feel like you’ve tried everything! You’ve bought the online courses, you’ve bought the books, you subscribe to every free training/webinar/masterclass out there – but it’s still not happening for you.  Something is still holding you back.

Your biggest fear is that your business will completely pan and never make any money despite all the time, effort and money you’re putting into it!

And I’m here to tell you exactly what’s holding you back!

YOU! Or more specifically, your mind.

Which is why I’ve created the MEGA SUCCESS MINDSET ACCELERATOR – a 12-week Group Coaching and Mentorship Programme to get your business off the ground, rapidly fast track your success and transform your life.

It is specifically designed to remove your limitations, boost your confidence and self-belief so that you create the wealth, success and abundance you DESERVE

You’re ready to TAKE THE BRAKES OFF and live the life you TRULY want!

My business has flourished, I'm earning more money than I've ever earned whilst self employed.
I’ve earnt more money since doing the MSMA than I have in anything else I have done.
So much value for money! I got much more face to face contact with Suzanne and support than I had expected.
Here's what you get:

Mega Success Mindset Accelerator

✔️ 6 x Group Coaching/Mentoring Calls (value £3,500)
✔️ 3 x Q&A Calls (value £997)
✔️ 3 x Implementation/Powerful Action Taking Session (value £997)
✔️ Accountability and Goal Setting (value £750)
✔️ Mega Success Mindset Academy (value £1,250)
✔️ Small Private Facebook Group (value = priceless!!)

VIP Mega Success Mindset Accelerator

✔️ 6 x Group Coaching/Mentoring Calls (value £3,500)
✔️ 3 x Q&A Calls (value £997)
✔️ 3 x Implementation/Powerful Action Taking Session (value £997)
✔️ Accountability and Goal Setting (value £750)
✔️ Mega Success Mindset Academy (value £1,250)
✔️ Small Private Facebook Group (value = priceless!!)

✔️ 3 x 1:1 Sessions (value £2,000)
✔️ Personal Voxer Support (value £2,500)
✔️ Weekly Personal Accountability Feedback (value £1,500)
✔️ An In-Person Mastermind Day Event (value £500)

Why is now the perfect time?

I think we all know how precious life is and to spend it doing something you hate, have regrets for not pursuing what you really want to do, is just a waste

How would it feel if after 12-weeks you:

  • Have clarity and confidence and know what you truly want and exactly where you want to get to– and you had a solid plan to take you from just a dream to consistent 5k months and beyond
  • Knew every day what you needed to focus on to achieve your business and life goals, all whilst having a huge sense of purpose and clarity – no feeling overwhelmed and frustrated at what to focus on and when!
  • Cleared your limiting beliefs and mindset monkeys that keep pulling you back and keeping you small. Took that step out of your comfort zone to create your life on your terms
  • You’ve blasted away those money and success blocks; making more money than you ever have before and knew how to consistently create it.
  • Can stop the self-doubt and looking at others succeed wondering if you’ll get there
  • You’re in control of your own time, your own money, creating your own schedule – so you can do the things you love most (including spending time with the people you love)
  • You are unashamedly the best you! Stepping into the woman you’ve wanted to be for so long

Along the way, you experience connection with a bunch of fabulous, like-minded, driven women just like you.  Having the support that you need right now.  (One of the best ways to learn is being part of the group coaching calls and listening to other members of the programme.)

Your BIG dreams really can be your reality and I can show you how to do it!

Anything is possible!
During the MSMA I launched my Group Coaching Programme and after working with Suzanne, I signed up 3 clients straight away and they paid in full!! - I really couldn’t have done it without the amazing support from Suzanne

Does this sound like something you are looking for?

It’s your time – to have impact, freedom, the life and success of your dreams

The Mega Success Mindset Accelerator is a one of a kind programme that will give you everything you need to create a powerful mindset which will propel you forwards towards the life you’re craving.

It’s time to fulfil your true potential…

Success is an inside job – you will only take action if you believe what you’re working towards is possible for you.  So, it’s essential to build your confidence, a positive way of thinking, belief and courage so that you have a strong foundation to build from.

This is for you if you want to...

  • Learn to move past fear, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and gain confidence.  Finally breaking free so that you become unstoppable 
  • Stop running the same old patterns that are holding you back.
  • Finally feel worthy of going for your dreams and stepping powerfully into your authentic you and the woman you want to become.
  • Have a crystal-clear vision and you know the exact next steps to move yourself forward – Quickly move from being stuck to up-levelling your life
  • Uncover those money blocks so that you can transform your mindset to attract it instead
  • The Mega Success Mindset Accelerator is for you if you’re a woman in business, considering changing direction, just starting a business or an early entrepreneur and haven’t hit 6 figures YET! You’re likely to be a Coach, Therapist, Healer, VA or service/product based business owner (or aspiring to be).

This is not for you if…

  • You have no interest in community and supporting the other ladies in the programme.
  • You aren’t willing to invest in yourself or your business.
  • You’re happy holding onto your past beliefs, limitations and reasons for not being where you want to be.
  • You’re not ready to take action or are a negative person.
  • You’re not ready to live your true potential.
  • You’re looking for a programme that specifically helps with the tech, sales funnels etc – this is about developing your POWERFUL MINDSET and not the practical bits of an online biz.
  • You’re a man (sorry guys, this one is just for the ladies!)

The Mega Success Mindset Accelerator



We both know you are meant for something BIGGER. This is your chance to be propelled forward and make MORE MONEY…

You’re a woman in business and you’re just not moving forward as quickly as you’d like.

You feel like you’re constantly juggling everything and worry at times whether you’re good enough to do this !

Being an entrepreneur requires you to step into the next level version of you. It means investing in you to develop the most powerful mindset to get your dream off the ground and stepping out of your comfort zone.

But what if you don’t know who that next level of you is and how to get there?

That’s why I’m so glad you’re here…

Let me guess… is this you?

You are a driven woman with HUGE dreams, who knows you want more out of life. You’re ready to take your life and biz to the next level…You just haven’t quite found a way to get yourself there yet.

You feel like it’s 2 steps forwards and 2 steps back. And you’re fed up of watching your income do the yo-yoing too.

And then you get frustrated with yourself – that you’ve wasted time. Your head is full, there seems so much to do. You’re juggling everything, not having clarity on that next step, which often means you do nothing and stay stuck.

You know you crave financial freedom…to get out of the 9-5 mentality, to create that remote lifestyle to work from anywhere doing what you love, spending more time with your family but in reality you’ve thought that for a long time now and nothing seems to be happening and you’re working harder than ever with not a lot to show for it.

You know there’s something else you’re meant to be doing with your life.

You often ask yourself ‘Can I really makes this work?’. You’re afraid of failing and are worried about what other people will think. You put on a front that everything is ok, when deep down you know you’re not where you wanted to be. You think people don’t take you seriously. And let’s face it, you wonder yourself sometimes if you can really do this too.

  • You watch other people out there doing what you want to do and wonder what their secret is
  • You’re often awake at night with all the ideas whirring around your head and feel overwhelmed at what you have ahead

You have big dreams, to make more money, make more of your life and you’re tired of waiting around for them to happen…

and you just need a helping hand to get you there.

This is a really excellent programme, and those that work with Suzanne, really do have life and business impact. It is unlike any group programme I’ve done before, because it is so personal. We’ve really formed a close group of like-minded ladies and the level of accountability, drive and motivation from Suzanne is amazing.
I achieved all my goals and objectives and more!! Wowww! I now know why it’s called the ‘Accelerator’ programme, OMG, it really is an accelerator!

Let me start by telling you why I created the MEGA SUCCESS MINDSET ACCELERATOR…

After several years of coaching women 1-1, running events and NLP accredited training programmes, I found myself with a greater need to serve more women, to combine the coaching and powerful NLP techniques. To assist them to blast away their self-imposed limitations to move forward rapidly and live a life and business they love which allows them the freedom they crave. Most importantly I wanted to help them create real results…

You see… unfortunately, there are a lot of programmes out there being sold by people who aren’t qualified to teach mindset. My programmes are backed by my solid experience of transforming women’s lives as well as the qualifications as an NLP and Time Line Therapy Trainer and Master Coach.

And the work I do involves reprogramming the patterns that aren’t working for you at the deep unconscious level to ensure long, lasting change.

I’ve always had a desire to bring women together to create their dream lives. And now with the Mega Success Mindset Accelerator, I can bring more women together and provide them with huge support and accountability to fast track their success. I promise you this will be a life changing journey and one guarantee you will have from this programme – your life, friendship groups, business, mindset, and bank balance will never be the same again!

“I am so glad that I signed up to Suzanne James’ MSMA Programme – Suzanne truly cares about each of the ladies within the programme and coaches us effectively to achieve the results that we want and overcome mindset issues that may stand in our way. She is really supportive and understanding and able to quickly pinpoint our blocks and guide us on how to move forward.

As well as weekly group calls, I enjoyed going through the modules for the programme in my own time. Personally, I loved the VIP option which included 1 to 1 calls and Voxer Support with Suzanne as well as an in-person Business Transformation Day that was brilliant and gave me such clarity on my purpose and where I needed to focus.

I can’t wait to continue working with Suzanne in the future. Thank you so much for everything.

Why work with me?

This is a personal programme to you – I get to know you personally. This isn’t a mass training where you have limited or no direct contact with your coach/mentor. You and I work together – we uncover the root cause of what’s stopping you achieving what you want. We clear up the blocks and then create the future you’ve longed for.

I’m a Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy™ Trainer and Master Coach. I use these proven techniques to clear up those lifetime limitations, creating huge change and transformation.

I am authentic – I care about the females I coach. I get them results, taking them to levels they’d only dreamed of. Using powerful techniques to REALLY clear their blocks and limitations, giving them the confidence and self-belief to do the things they thought were impossible.

Most of all, I am passionate about seeing you up-level your life. And it won’t be the soft option either – I hold you accountable to drive your success and take the action needed to succeed.

You WILL break through your limitations and blocks. You WILL make the changes you need to live the life you dream about. You WILL reach your awesome true potential.

And I can't wait to work with you!
What we'll cover...​

Clarity & Focus

This is about setting the core foundations for mindset success.

Knowing exactly what you want and where you want to get it.

Allowing yourself to dream big, deep dive into what you truly desire and create bad ass goals.

Full accountability and support for you to achieve your goals.

Clearing Out

Uncover the limitations holding you back and discover how you can step into the person you want to become.

We transform your money story here too – money mindset is part of everything I offer as it’s so core to your success.

Uplevel & Grow

Now's the time to step out of your comfort zome and create new habits ti sustain your positive mindset.

What you will get...

  • 6 x Group Coaching/Mentoring Calls – Every other week is the Group Call with me, together with the other fabulous women on this journey with you, to help you with your current challenge and mindset muddles.  We go deep and you get your own spot in the hot seat and walk away with your next big action (as well as learning from the group as a whole, this is a priceless experience!) (value £3500)
  • 3 x Q&A Calls – Once per month is a separate Group Q&A session with me. We delve further into the modules of the programme and you can ask me any questions you have. (value £997)
  • 3 x Implementation / Powerful Action Taking Session – alongside all this powerful inner work, we also have powerful action taking sessions once a month where you implement what you’ve learnt and taking aligned action to propel you forward towards your goal (value £997)
  • Accountability and goal setting – I know how hard this is to do it on your own, so I’ve got your back every step of the way, keeping you on track with weekly accountability (Value £750)
  • Mega Success Mindset Academy – An online self-study course that you do alongside the coaching at your own pace that gives you ALL the resources to transform your life. Detailed video and audio training, workbooks, checklists, top tips, visualisations. Fabulously comprehensive to create that MEGA SUCCESS mindset.  (Value £1250)
  • Small Private Facebook group – This is our group to share anything! You’ll get your questions answered, meet the other like-minded driven women looking to build their dream life and celebrate all your successes throughout the 12 weeks. Share and support each other (you’ll never feel alone). This is key! (value – priceless!!)

As well as NLP, Time Line Therapy™ & Hypnosis techniques – to support you in re-programming your mind for success!

+ Bonuses

  • Money Mindset Masterclass
  • Mega Success & Abundance Meditation
  • Your Inspiration Meditation
  • The Quantum Leap Ritual
  • 10 X Your Success
  • Wealth Expansion Visualisation
  • Accountability Planner and My Success Tracking Sheet

This Mega Success Mindset Accelerator will give you all the guidance, tools, support and accountability you need for the 12 weeks to support these massive shifts and take you places you could never get to on your own.

Best of all, the women in the Accelerator are the most amazing women you will ever meet!

And you’ll have fun along the way too…

Total value you are getting is OVER £7500!

However, for this round only you get it for…


Buy now for
£1,997 + VAT

or 6 x payments of just
£365 + VAT

Want the VIP Option?

Do you want to fast track your results with more 1:1 time with me + a whole lot more?

3 x 1:1 Personal Coaching Sessions
With me (including personal Time Line Therapy session – a rapid and powerful transformation technique), where we delve into what’s really holding you back and turn you around quickly to achieve rapid growth and results. (Value £2,000)

Personal Voxer Support – Monday-Friday
Direct access to me for support via Voxer Monday-Friday when you need that helping hand, to answer any questions you may have or just that check-in. (Value £2,500)

Weekly Personal Accountability Feedback
This is the serious, kick-up the butt, feedback to keep you accountable, on-track and continually moving you forward to your goals. (Value £1,500)

An In-Person Mastermind Day Event
There’s nothing like meeting in-person and going deep and this day is a game changer!!! Happening later this year. (Value £500)

Total value you are getting is over £14,500

£2,997 + VAT

or 6 Monthly Payments of
£525 + VAT

That’s what the programme is all about, but you must be willing to take the next step and break free from your own perceived limitations. It’s about stepping beyond what you imagine is possible for you. It’s about being all in and doing what it takes to make the commitment to your dreams.

So how are you feeling right now? Are you excited?
Are you ready to turn the page and start a new chapter in your life story?

I know starting something new and investing in yourself can be a scary thing, I’ve experienced it (my first coaching programme I invested in was £9,000!) and so have many of my clients.

Here’s just a some of the things they had to say…


Suzanne is a fantastic and inspiring coach - I have changed so much over the last few weeks and am looking forward to the future with excitement.
What a journey, I have changed so much and it is all positive. Suzanne has helped me to find my self confidence, esteem, belief in myself and in what others tell me. My career has flourished and I am seeing results for my efforts.
I cannot thank Suzanne enough for the massive changes she’s made to my life. A genuinely lovely lady with a ton of passion and wealth of knowledge - a complete inspiration!

And that brings me to you...

I believe that everyone has the potential inside of them to go from ordinary to extraordinary and step into their infinite potential. Success really is possible for everyone.

Are you ready to say yes?

Yes to investing in you? Yes to your success? Yes to no longer accepting less? Yes to creating your dream life?

If you’re ready to propel yourself forward and get the mega success and abundance you deserve, then the MEGA SUCCESS MINDSET ACCELERATOR is the next step for you…


Don’t miss the MEGA SUCCESS MINDSET ACCELERATOR – it’s time to get the success you dream about


Our current programme is now full. New dates to be announced soon

Email  I will personally answer any of your questions. 

It will depend on your time and what your goals are, the more you put in the more you get out. But dedicating just a few hours a week will be enough to give you results for this programme. The bi-weekly ‘Hot Seat’ coaching calls last 60-90 minutes.

Absolutely it will work for you – this programme is about you being the best version of you and accelerating your success in your life too. Furthermore, if you are considering starting a business in the future this is the perfect foundation

Yes, you can upgrade from the online training and participate in the live, in-person training taking place in September 2022, in Solihull, UK, for a small additional fee.  This is the ultimate and most advantageous training, providing a hybrid option and really cementing your NLP skills.

Will you ever have enough time to do this..? Or anything else… When it comes to making changes and taking ourselves or our businesses to the next level we rarely get a magic pot of ‘the right time’. It is my experience that the only time we can make changes and create results is to go for it now – when you take action now, you become resourceful and find the time. 

Plus I will help you use your time better so you can maximise your time while in the Accelerator and after.

ALL past clients battled this and all created more results in the programme than they ever had before! 

You can expect massive inner transformation. I can also tell you that this programme really WORKS! However, your results are based on your action so nothing can be guaranteed. What I can guarantee is, I will give you all the resources and support you need to create your most powerful mindset but it’s down to you to implement it. But why wouldn’t you?

I would ask how can you not afford to do this? If you cannot invest in yourself, who can you invest in? The value you receive in the Accelerator programme far outweighs the actual financial cost.

I truly believe when we want something bad enough we always find the way. Investing in yourself should be seen as an investment, not an expense that’s taken from you but that is investing in a return.

I really believe making this programme as accessible to as many people as possible. Speak to me about the payment options available for you

I accept a small number of women into my 1-1 coaching programmes on a strictly limited basis and by application only. Book in a chat with me and we can see if this would be a good fit. Book a call here.

l know there are a lot of programmes out there that are similar to this so I take you investing in the Mega Success Mindset Accelerator seriously. I will do everything to help you create all the success you desire as your coach and mentor for these next 12 weeks and beyond. If you want this but have any reservations just reach out to me I want to make sure you make the right decision for you!

With Love Suzanne xx

Results shared are for illustrative purposes only. All results shared are from real people that I have worked with, with their real outcomes. However, I CANNOT and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get any results with our training, programmes, ideas, information, tools, or strategies. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here or enrolment on programmes you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance.

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