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Our Upcoming Events
We have a number of transformational events coming up, designed specifically for women who are ready to scale to the next level in life and business.

Spaces are limited, so make sure you reserve your seat!

Up-level You Mastermind Event

One-day, in-person transformational day that focuses on money, mindset & motivation.

For ambitious women in business.

New Dates for 2023 to be announced soon!

The Mega Success Mindset Accelerator

12-week Group Coaching and Mentorship Programme to rapidly FAST TRACK your success, raise your game, make more money and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

New dates for 2023 to be announced soon!

NLP Practitioner course

Accredited NLP Practitioner Training

If you want exceptional results, you have to do something exceptional…

Ready for a head start towards changing your mind and changing your life?

Enrolling Now

Accredited NLP Master Practitioner Training

Building on the foundations you’ve already developed from the NLP Practitioner programme, this training takes your NLP skills to a whole new level. 

New dates for 2023 to be announced soon!

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