Rewired for Wealth

£111 TODAY (USUALLY £333)

A 4 week self-study course to clear your money blocks and activate your money magnet superpower.

Are you ready to revolutionise your money mindset and manifest more money?

You’ve done some money mindset work before and still feel stuck, trapped in the up & down, feast & famine cycle

You believe in manifesting and abundance but seem to struggle to get it to work for you…consistently

You’re constantly worried about money and where it will come from.

You’re fed up with those “insufficient funds” notifications.

The inconsistent income. The feast and famine cycle.
Having ‘just enough’ money without having the extra to do what you want to do.

You feel like you’ve been stuck at the same income level for years and the only way to earn more is work harder and harder.

But your bank balance doesn’t even begin to reflect the mahoosive amount of work you are putting in

You’re done with your self-imposed limitations and past stories holding you back; the self-doubt, lack of confidence and fear.

Wouldn’t it be great to have money flow to you with ease?

Does this sound like you?

✔️ Do you constantly worry about money and where it will come from?

✔️ Feel guilty for wanting more than you already have?

✔️ Often have more money going out than coming in?

✔️ Feel like you have to work hard for your money, constantly “pushing” and getting more and more frustrated?

✔️ Is money the reason you say ‘no’ to things you want to do or have and often hear yourself say “I can’t afford that”?

✔️ Earn “just enough” – just enough to cover bills but there’s never any more and you feel you are just not the kind of person who will ever have money and abundance?

Just imagine releasing the fear around money to
becoming a money magnet and bringing abundance
to you with ease.

As we open up to shifting our beliefs and our money mindset, we clear the blocks to becoming abundant and attracting financial freedom.

Because everyone has the manifesting power.

I know that you want more money (and lots of it!) and there’s no shame in that.

Imagine having a deep trust and KNOWING that more money is always coming your way

With “Rewired for wealth” we’ll dive deep into the root cause of your money blocks and behaviours about money and reprogram your mind so that money and abundance flow easily
to you!!

It’s a truly transformational programme for women who love to manifest more – more money, wealth, success, opportunities, and happiness… Just like you!

This course will help you to:

Have the inner belief, trust in yourself and confidence to know you can manifest anything you put your mind to.

Wherever you are right now, get ready for some amazing, mind blowing, money mindset shifts.

Transforming YOU as well as Transforming your relationship with money.

Money is something to love – you are worthy of it!

It’s your time to open yourself up to receive the money and abundance just waiting for you…

Are you ready?

To reset your money mindset and raise your abundance attracting vibe…

Here’s what’s included

Rewired for Wealth is a 4 week self study course broken down into 4 powerful modules to help you create the right foundations to boost your money and manifesting power and unleash your limitless abundance.

Module 1

We’ll do the clearing and reprogramming in module 1. Rewiring your mind for wealth – Uncovering your money blocks, rewriting your stories and paving the way for a new relationship with money.

Module 2

Integrating the new habits at the deeper unconscious level where change takes place with a powerful Healing RTT & Hypnosis Session & EFT exercise – this is the true missing ingredient to unlocking your manifesting magnetism.

Module 3

This is where we’ll be creating the new money and wealth creation habits and stepping into you as a wealthy woman!

Module 4

You’ll get my top 10 tips on manifesting EVERYTHING you desire, with EASE!

But it doesn’t end there…

+ Bonuses

  • “Manifest £1,000 in 30 days – The Manifesting & Abundance Game” – SUPER SIMPLE AND SUPER POWERFUL and it WORKS!
  • “Attracting your perfect 5* Client – every time!”

Transformation starts today

You weren’t born thinking making money would be difficult – this is something that’s been programmed into you – the way you think, your thought habits, how you then behave.

If you want to experience a greater flow of money (and I’m pretty sure you do!), then we have to let go of the old conditioning – that you’re not good enough to live an abundant life.

You can purchase this at a special price now for just £111!