Don’t let anyone

dull your sparkle

Hey, I’m Suzanne!
I’m an Infinite Potential Coach; a Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy™ Trainer and Master Coach and I help high achieving women breakthrough their limitations and live their true potential.

Firstly, I’m a proper family girl. My family are my world and they come first above everything. I have a gorgeous husband and 2 fabulous children whom I’m so, so proud of! I’m even more pleased that as my children are now young adults, they still seem to enjoy spending time with their mom and dad! We spend lots of time together as a big family (including siblings, in-laws, aunts and uncles, cousins) and it’s not unusual for us to have 19 people around for Christmas dinner or holidays with 12 of us! I feel very blessed.
I would say I’m a normal girl who’s managed to get through some tough times – because let’s face it, life happens!
And yet I’ve been able to do some extraordinary things. I come from a senior corporate background in HR. One thing that I have found is that no matter how high up the ladder you go, you can still be filled with self doubt, confidence issues, being overly self critical, being hard on yourself, being fearful and anxious and generally living a stressful life. I was a people pleaser, and a perfectionist which led to even more stress. I just wasn‘t being me. I wasn‘t being true to who I was. I used to feel that I had to over compensate to justify my presence, I questioned my place there and although confident on the outside, inside I would be filled with a lack of confidence and self doubt. Almost waiting for the time that I‘d be found out – that I was a fraud and didn‘t deserve to be at that level. I limited my own income and success and just when I thought I‘ve got more money, something would happen and I‘d sabotage it again! (I didn‘t know at that time all about the energetic income cap we place on ourselves and I‘d most definitely been guilty of it).

I also used to suffer very badly with migraine headaches that had started to interfere with my every day life. I started to see an NLP coach. Using Time Line therapy and other NLP techniques I was able to clear up the negative emotions and blocks that I’d been bottling up since I’d lost my mom in 1997 – I was devastated when my mom died and probably put my grief and sadness in a little box too difficult to open. I did not know then how the mind and body are interlinked (which is so powerful) and how when those negative emotions are trapped they can actually show out as physical symptoms in our body. I haven‘t had a migraine in over 6 years now.

What you think, you become

And that began the fascination with the subject. I went through the full NLP Certification programme right from NLP Practitioner to NLP Trainer. Nothing has transformed my life more than undertaking these trainings!

It was truly amazing and life changing and I was keen to transform other people‘s lives too.

I became a coach and NLP and TLT Trainer.

I still had those feelings of knowing there’s more to life, knowing that I’m meant to do more, an overflow of ideas and vision bubbling inside of me but too afraid of going for it. I knew I wanted to live an extraordinary life.  And I knew I wanted to change other people’s lives too.  I was fed up of playing small.  Just earning a ‘decent’ living but not being in abundance.

I had fears and doubts, frustration, chaos and confusion.  I was the breadwinner.  I had a family to support.  I had a secure, highly paid job.  I was superwoman – juggling everything as of course, I had to be the one in control of everything!

It took me years to get out of my own way and commit to making the change.  The lightbulb moment of knowing we only have one life was when I got to the age my mom was when she died and knowing my mom didn’t get to fulfil her dreams. It was a rude awakening to just do what makes your heart sing.  No more wasting time.

I gave up my secure, corporate job and despite my fears I went for it.  I became a female entrepreneur! 

I’ll be honest, It’s not all been plain sailing. At first, there was more fear and overwhelm. Knowing it’s just me now – I’m on my own. Having to figure everything out. I’ve been pushed to the limit. I’ve often felt like I’m stood at the bottom of a mountain looking up wondering how on earth I’d get to the top. Seeing all these people further ahead than me. Totally being pushed out of my comfort zone. Questioning myself – can I really do this and at times really wanting to throw in the towel.

But at the core is my passion for inspiring and empowering women to live the life they dream about. I‘ve experienced the transformation for myself and want to see as many people as possible transform their own lives too. I see how women still hold themselves back with the stuff that goes on in their mind. Mindset is everything and if we can change our mind, we can change our life. Until you’ve mastered your mindset, YOU will always be the greatest obstacle that stands in your way of success and abundance. The reality is success is an inside job, an inside journey. I believe that everyone has the potential inside of them to achieve anything they want and desire. And it’s never been a better time! It’s easier than ever to make more money and choose to create the life you desire! There’s absolutely no shame in wanting more and now’s the best time for getting more! No matter where you are now, how far you have come, your life still has more potential than anything you’ve dared to dream about.

I created what I believe is a truly transformational programme to assist women remove their blocks and limitations and live their true potential. I want you to be one of my success stories. For you to get rid of those limitations you've placed on yourself. For you to achieve the life that you‘ve only dreamed about.

If you are interested in how I can help and support you to achieve the same transformation, drop me a message on the contact page and I‘ll be in touch.

And some silly stuff about me too!

  I love yoga
I’m a massively positive person
  My favourite author is Jen Sincero
  I totally believe in the law of attraction and manifestation – the ‘Secret’ changed my life completely
  You will always find me colour coordinated right down to my lipstick!
  I like drinking out of a small cup – big mugs are meant for soup not drinking out of in my book!
  I don’t like mayonnaise, yuk!
  I love travelling the world and like to have at least 4 holidays a year!
  My husband and 2 children are my absolute world
I love spending time with friends, eating out, laughing and generally having fun!

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