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She believed she could, so she did –
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I’m Suzanne, the founder of Fired up and Fierce™ and Suzanne James Global.

I’m so happy that you’ve stopped on by – welcome to my website!

Are you ready to unleash that fire inside of you, blast away those limitations, create huge abundance and step into your true potential?

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I’m so pleased to share with you this Mega Success and Abundance guided meditation to use morning and night to reprogram your mind for incredible success and manifest what you want.

For best results listen every day for at least 30 days so you send a powerful message to the universe – I am ready, I am claiming what is meant to be mine

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I’ve got a feeling the time is right for you right now.
You have dreams. You know there’s more to life. You want more than just a ‘decent life’. You’re stuck right now. You’re settling. Things are good but you want great. You know there’s something deep inside of you, just bursting to come out and I’ve got a feeling that you are ready… ready for soooo much more.
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