1:1 Personal Coaching Packages

For those that want that personal touch
with dedicated and intensive support

Helping you unlock your true potential so you can create a life on your terms- full of happiness, wealth and abundance

For Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, Executives, Leaders and Private Clients.

1:1 personal coaching is a fantastic way to create lasting change in your life. I’ll work with you one-on-one to help you identify and clear any growth blocks that are holding you back, and to install powerful new beliefs and behavioural patterns that will support you in creating the life of your dreams.

I use powerful tools and modalities such as NLP, EFT, energy clearing and other mindset techniques that will help you heal at the deeper level, clearing any emotional baggage that may be weighing you down so that you can step into a new level of success, joy, happiness, wealth and abundance!

If you are ready to transform your life, 1:1 personal coaching is the perfect place to start. Contact me today and we can chat to find the right package for you:

6 or 3 month 1:1 Packages

Conducted via Zoom

This is what you get inside:

✔️ Kick off session: to kick things off we’ll have an initial call and map out what you want to achieve during our time together. We’ll discover what your biggest blocks are and design a bespoke plan to get you the results you desire.

✔️ Two Calls Per Month to either double down on a strategic problem, working on any mindset blocks that have cropped up, or work on your mindset or energy, depending on what you need at the time.

✔️ Voxer Support – direct access to me Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, so that you can check in and ask questions when things crop up.

✔️ (6 month Package Only) 90 Day Review at the midpoint to check in on performance and results, and if necessary adjust our plan for the next 90 days together.

This is ideal for those who want to fast track their growth with deeper support and healing.

This is the deepest, most transformational way to work with me.

The Investment

3 Months 1:1 Programme

The investment is £3,000 ex VAT.

Payment plans are available.

6 Months 1:1 Programme

The investment is £5,000 ex VAT.

Payment plans are available.

Intensive Packages

In-Person Full Day Intensives (Inc lunch and breaks throughout day at a luxury hotel in Solihull, West Midlands) AND In-Person ½ Day Intensives (inc afternoon tea) are also available.

Contact me directly for details as I do a maximum of 2 intensives per month and they book up quickly!

This is a luxurious, immersive and totally bespoke experience tailored to exactly what you need most, creating major breakthroughs and lasting transformation.

We’ll get to the core of your current challenges, remove the obstacles in your way, and empower you with the confidence and the tools you need to live your best life today.

If you want extraordinarily fast, personal and professional growth, you’ll find this experience so powerful, positive and truly profound.

If you’re ready to…
✔️ Find clarity and focus and go after what you want
✔️ Get rid of the baggage you’ve carried around for so long
✔️ Bust any money and success blocks stopping you getting the abundance you desire
✔️ Ignite that spark within you and unlock your true potential
✔️ Live a more fulfilling life
✔️ Learn to use your intuition
✔️ Build unshakeable confidence and self belief
✔️ Stop coasting and settling
✔️ Start living the life you were MADE for – of joy, happiness, wealth and abundance
✔️ Becoming the most successful you!

Then book a call today!