7 essential steps to achieving success in life and business

When you’re looking for success in your life, your relationships, your business, 90% of it is your mindset.

If your mindset is in check you will be unstoppable!

We constantly need to work on our mindset, especially as we grow, evolve and learn. So, even if you have done lots of mindset work before, this will still be helpful for you. 

If you’re still not sure, does this sound like you?

  • Are you fed up of doing all the things you think you ‘should’ do but are still not getting the results you desire?
  • Are you confused, stuck and don’t know what the next steps are to move forward that are making you anxious, restless and unfocused?
  • You seem to be working all hours and just not moving forward, so you just keep working harder and harder, which leads to more uncertainty, lack of clarity.
  • Do you think everyone else is succeeding but you?
  • Do you compare yourself to others out there?

Then all of this all comes from a place of fear. So here’s my 7 easy steps to get you the success you want this year that are actionable straight away! That means you can start to work on your mindset today – what could be a better way to begin 2021!

  1. Get super clear about what you want

Setting goals is an important exercise in order to get what you want. It is all about moving forward with intention in a direction that will serve you and your business. When we set goals, we reach them faster and it helps us to see progress along the way. 

If you give the universe mixed messages – you will receive mixed results. If you’re confused, then I guarantee the universe will be confused too. I know a lot of people struggle to visualise their future and instead see a blank canvas in front of them. 

That’s okay! That allows a world of possibilities to open up. 

‘When nothing is certain, anything is possible’

Your task is to write down all the ideas of what you want, and if it is easier, the things that you don’t want. Which parts of your life do you simply LOVE to be living right now? It may be your morning workouts, your reading time in the evening, going for walks in the outdoors, or your weekly film night with your family. 

Which parts of your life do you not love so much right now? It could be the rush hour traffic, spending all day attached to your phone, Zoom calls or admin. 

Then pick ONE thing, one goal and focus on that. Focus on how you can achieve it and move forwards towards your goal with intention. 

  1. Become obsessed

Your goal has to really light you up. You should feel passionate about reaching your goal and the journey towards making it happen. This should be something you feel, rather than something you think. 

Make a decision that this is what you want and then become obsessed with it. Your goal should utterly consume you. Constantly think about what you want, set your intentions, visualise it, feel it…how bad do you want it?

When you have any doubts, go back to your why, repeat some affirmations. Remind yourself everyday why this is your goal and what you’re going to do to make it happen. 

Think about that goal more than anything else. Talk about it all the time.

Change your passwords, write post it. Notes about it, so you’re forced to think about your goal endlessly.

Think of competitive athletes, their goals consume their whole life. It changes the way they eat, drink, socialise, live their daily lives, their timetable, their relationships, their mindset, their belief systems…if they can do it, so can you!

  1. Visualise it 

You probably know that the brain doesn’t know the difference between fact and fiction – what’s real or imagined. So when you’re visualising you’re tricking your brain into thinking you already have what you’re already seeing.

In simple terms, you’ve got to “see” your new life.

When you imagine something vividly (ie you visualise), you are actually training your brain to change its biochemistry and record whatever you are visualising as an actual memory. This means that when you imagine something vividly and with emotion, your brain chemistry changes as thought the experience was real, and your mind records it as a real memory.

There’s a biological explanation behind this phenomenon, called the Reticular a

Activating system. This is one of our internal filters – it selects what will be noticed and given attention to by the conscious mind. Without our RAS, our brain would be overwhelmed with data.

The RAS notices what it believes is important.

Basically, your RAS constantly looks for data in your environment that matches and reinforces your thoughts and belief systems. So, if you’re looking to buy a new car, all of a sudden you start noticing certain types of cars. It’s like your inner GPS.

If you want your GPS to work to your advantage — at noticing opportunities that will take you closer to your goals— you must program it accordingly. The best way to program it is by visualizing your goals.

Use all your senses…what will you see? Hear? Feel when you have it?

Make it really compelling. 

Visualise EXACTLY what you want to happen. Don’t make the mistake of imagining it not going to plan or being realistic – this is your future you’re creating so create it how you want it

Visualisation works in alignment with the law of attraction and gathers energy.  This makes dreams happen.

We have to be on the same vibration to the things we want to draw in and what better way than to trick your brain into thinking you already have them.

You will have heard me say, energy goes where your focus goes. The more you get specific about what you want and the more you visualise it happening – the more the universal energies will align to give you what you want. 

Make sure you have visualisation as a daily discipline and commit fully to it.

  1. Act as if you have it 

You have probably heard of ‘acting as if’ – don’t confuse this with ‘faking it will you make it’. Acting as if means stepping into the person you are right now ahead of you being it. Become the person you want to be right now. Live and breathe that future version of you. 

It is only your limiting beliefs (which I speak about here) that are stopping you being that person right now. That is why the work I do helps women to remove those deeper level emotions and limitations. 

If you have something come up, e.g. self doubt, then this will block you and you will find it harder to get results. 

You can self-sabotage with excuses – have a crisis, procrastinate, get sick/tired, not stick to commitments, not do the work, go off track. But the sooner you get yourself into the mindset of a successful person, and be that version of you now, the sooner you reach the success you dream of. 

The sooner you create daily, weekly and monthly success habits, the sooner you will BE a success.

  1. Master those thoughts and beliefs 

What you choose to focus on will grow. Simple as that.

What we think and feel the most shows up in our life. Often when we set intentions, resistant thoughts show up. We start to worry, feel self doubt and negative thoughts will appear in our minds. 

Awareness is key. 

What are your results telling you about what is going on in your mind? Your results tell you what your real beliefs are. What you feel, you become and often you because of fear you keep yourself small. 

Life is a mirror and it reflects back to us what we believe. Your limitations are just a reflection of you and your reality is a reflection of your strongest belief.

If you want to reach your goal then you can’t spend the next 30 days opposing what you want, thinking that you can’t get it, that it won’t happen, that you’re not good enough!!

You’ve got to believe you can do it 100%. You’ve got to do whatever it takes to stay in alignment with what you’ve asked for.

This is a core part of my work. Once I build self belief in my clients, they can do anything. Before that happens, they stall many times. Working on that self belief, and the ability to keep focused no matter what knocks you, will help you to survive pretty much anything.

You cannot move forward and step into your true potential if you are still surrounded by the old crap in your mind. When you feel your vibration drop, immediately try and identify what was the thought/feeling/belief that caused your mood to dip.

If you’d like my help in removing these limitations, just drop me a DM as I’m opening slots for 1:1 in February.

  1. Let go of how and just allow

When we spend all our time trying to figure out the ‘how’, we get in the way of the universe working its magic. 

I see people setting their goals too low because they are thinking too much about how it will work in real life. 

Declare what you want and trust the process. 

By setting your goals it will open up all possibilities – think back to the RAS system. Say what you want out loud, affirm it! 

Say this is what I want, this is where I want to be and so it is…thank you!

You never know how your goals will manifest, you just have to trust that they will and take inspired action when opportunities present themselves.

  1. Take inspired action

It’s not enough to ask for something and then sit and wait for it – though that would be nice! We actually have to take action. 

Think to yourself – what do I have to do now to ensure my goal will be fulfilled? Break it down into manageable chunks, take the first step and run with it. 

Look out for the signs and opportunities presented to you that will help you achieve the goal. Sometimes we get such tunnel vision and think there’s only one route. So open yourself up to those possibilities.

I hope this helped you – remember how essential your mindset is to your overall success. Drop me a note and let me know your biggest aha’s.

If you really want to get inspired, re-ignite your passion for your business so you have the pathway to create the freedom you started your business for, get clear on your goals and how you can actually reach them then DM me for how I can support you.

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