10 things that are stopping you from receiving the money and abundance you really want

How many times have you noticed you are self-sabotaging and blocking yourself from receiving success, wealth, abundance and happiness? 

Most of us think that we’re happy to receive, but there’s a big difference between being happy to receive and actually allowing ourselves to receive. 

We can tell ourselves consciously why we deserve things, why we’re worthy and that it’s safe. 

But if the unconscious isn’t in alignment with this thinking we’re caught in limbo, sabotaging all of our hard work around getting clarity, visualising and taking action. 

You may be at a point right now where frustration is a constant companion because you’re doing everything right. 

But you can’t seem to move forward and there’s just something holding you back from your true potential.  

If you’re feeling stuck, here are 10 ways you might be stopping yourself from moving forward. 

➡️ A lack mentality. 

We’ve all heard the saying like attracts like.  

When you are in a state of ‘wanting and needing’ you are attracting more of that into your life. You operate at a frequency of scarcity so you attract more scarcity into your life and you’re actually repelling wealth and prosperity. 

You need to train your unconscious mind into believing you already have all the money and prosperity that you want. 

The universe will boomerang this frequency right back to you! Just like a radio signal, if you’re not on the right frequency you can’t access the right radio station. We are all energy and radiate frequency to the universe, if you want more prosperity and wealth you need to tune into that frequency and abundant state to activate your wealth and prosperity. 

Do this – Tune into an abundant mindset, think abundant thoughts. What you think will become your reality. 

➡️ Your language and relationship around money 

Do you find yourself complaining about money? Moaning about how much things cost or talking about how you never have enough money. 

Remember your word is your wand. When you always say that things are ‘too expensive’ or you verbally express fear around spending money then it deactivates your intentions to attract more abundance. 

Be grateful for all you already have. That you can pay your bills, that you can buy yourself food, that you can give to others, that you have a roof over your head, that you have great health, supportive family and friends. The more gratitude you live in, the more you will attract to be grateful for. 

Do this – Switch the word ‘budget’ to ‘financial plan’ or ‘abundance review’. Learn to love your bills and thank your money as it exchanges hands. 

➡️ You’re not clear about what you want in life 

Remember the universe is like your waiter, ready to take your order and bring you what you desire. If you keep changing your mind, or you aren’t clear enough, you’re not going to get what you want. 

You don’t need to have all the details, but you do need to know what you’re working towards, or what you want. 

Do this – Create a vision board of everything you want in life 

➡️ You have an inner conflict between what you say you want and what your subconscious will allow. 

Be honest. What do you really want? Clear the fears and limiting beliefs in your way. 
This is a form of sabotage and a way for your subconscious to keep you safe, by blocking any change. Notice the way that this shows up for you and what you tell yourself. 

Do this – Write down in your journal when you have a limiting belief 

➡️ You struggle to accept compliments from others 

What do you do when someone tells you that your haircut looks nice? Do you play the compliment down and say ‘It was only a cheap cut from Sally down the road’, or ‘it looked so awful before I had to do something about it’. 

You don’t need to justify a compliment. Thank you is enough! 

There is no need to explain, justify or even give something back in return. Bask in the energy of that compliment and let the other person give to you. 

Do this – Next time you receive a compliment, say thank you 

➡️ You won’t accept help from others, even when it’s been offered. 

How many times have you made up a story that accepting help will make others think you are weak, pathetic and inefficient if you haven’t got it all together. Part of you feels guilty that you can’t do it all alone. 

People like to help, so let them be there for you. It’s how friendships, partners and relationships are deepened. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. 

Do this – Ask for help with a simple task this week and enjoy doing it with someone else 

➡️ You’re hanging onto anger, resentment, bitterness, envy and other low-level emotions. 

All of these emotions block your ability to receive. Money, health and love all vibrate on a much higher frequency, so these emotions and the past are preventing you from having more in your life now. 

Let it go and forgive. There will always be people you need to forgive in life, those who have said and done things to hurt you, but the question is how long are you going to hold onto all those memories and emotions and let them block you from having the life you want? 

Forgiveness is not about letting them off the hook, it’s about saying I will no longer be under your control and be a victim to you and the past. 

Do this – Forgive someone in your past that you have been holding feelings about 

➡️ You’re trying to control how things should happen 

When you have set expectations for how things have to happen, you’re leaving no room for the universe to deliver what you want (money, clients & opportunities) through other avenues. It’s time to let go lovely lady! 

The beautiful nature of being open to all possibilities means that abundance can flow into your life in a multitude of surprising and creative ways. But you have to be open to ALLOWING it to flow into your reality. 

Do this – Say yes to opportunities, events, meeting people and being out there in the world. This will let the Universe know you are open to the flow of abundance from various sources. 

➡️ You simply don’t trust 

Whether this is trusting yourself and your choices, or whether this is about trusting other people, you just can’t let go. 

The trouble with lacking trust is you feel like you have to do everything and not only is this very exhausting, you can end up feeling very lonely. Trust in the process and it’s ok to trust in others too that can help you on your journey 

Do this – Delegate a task to someone you trust and let them remind you that it is okay to trust others 

➡️ You just don’t believe it’s possible for you. 

You want to, but part of you is doubting. Pay attention to your results as they will tell you what your true beliefs are. 

Continue to focus on finding any of your beliefs around money that don’t support you and reprogram them. Focus on the language you use and how you think about money. 

Do this – Start to expand your abundance practices, start to open your mind and new channels for receiving. 

Which block to allowing do you resonate with the most?

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